I know, I know.... we have been away from here far to long. Please except our heart felt apology for not keeping in touch and sharing all the great new things that have been going on at Skin Indulgence in the past couple of years. But we are here to say that WE R BACK!!

Let me catch you up to speed..... some of you may know that Laura is no longer with us. Her hubby got orders to relocate and she and her family have moved on; she has been missed greatly. Meanwhile we have another massage therapist with us, Cynthia. She has been a great addition to our little family and I think all of you will also enjoy getting to know her. We have also added two Estheticians, Manuela and Oana. Though they also do facials, they focus more on the medical end of skin care.

Skin Indulgence is proud to say that we have our own skin care line: 2C Creations. A line of products that I have worked very hard at developing to meet the needs of our clients without any harsh ingredients and all natural botanicals. We are getting ready to launch another addition to our skin care line..... Creative Solutions. A line of products with a higher percentage of active ingredients to fight harder to meet your skin care goals. It will launch the end of this month, Oct. 2011!!

And there is a new division being added to the studio! This is going to be something just for tweens, teens and young adults (ages 12 ~ 20). This is such a vital time of life during these ages and there are so many changes going on inside their bodies that can create allot of disturbance with their skin which can also effect their self-esteem. We have created programs that will help not only with their skin but also tricks and tips of healthy skin and body that they can carry with them for years to come. We will also address self-esteem issues so they see themselves in a healthy way. This new division will be launched right before the holidays this year! I will start blogging about the development of this new journey, the up's and down's and all the fun aspects and new things to look forward to........